For those who did not catch the Orange Bowl Friday night, this happened during the Florida State introduction.  Riding into 2017 like….am I right?!

The most important part of this vine was that a horse murder was stopped.  Pay close attention to the end of this vine.  Once the horse goes down, you see Florida State officials swarm the horse to prevent him from running wild.  Thank God they were able to corral Renegade before he broke loose, because he was approximately 30 yards from a death we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

If there is one thing Jim Harbaugh does, it is protect his half of the field during pregame warmups.  If you step over that 50 yard line, expect to pay the iron price.  That is Harbaugh’s half of the field.  No trespassing.  No prisoners.

Harbaugh was seen catching passes from his starting quarterback, which just so happened to give him the perfect excuse to put “receiver” gloves on.

Those weren’t no damn receiver gloves!  Those were murder gloves!  Plain and simple.  Jim Harbaugh was plotting a premeditated horse murder.  He was hovering.  Lurking.  Protecting what was rightfully his, waiting for Renegade to make a mistake.  He wish that horse would cross that 50 yard line.  That would make Jim’s day.  Red rover, red rover, murder come over.

If a single hoof crossed into Michigan sanctioned property, Jim Harbaugh would have no choice but to mount that horse like John Snow, ride the horse for approximately 5-7 yards before performing an RKO type maneuver, which would instantly snap the horse’s neck in one full swoop.

Honestly, Harbaugh should have just murdered the horse.  If he did, no way Michigan comes out as flat as they did.  Peppers would have no choice but to lace them up.  If you’re head coach murders the other team’s mascot, I don’t care what injury you’re faking to protect your draft stock, you put the pads on.