Bengals DB Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested Tuesday morning on the charges of disorderly conduct and assault, obstructing official business, and harassment with a bodily substance.  Jones spit on a jail nurse and officer after his arrest, only adding to the multiple charges he already obtained. It all stemmed from him poking a man in the eye.   Jones stopped to talk to a reporter as he was released Wednesday morning and reportedly stated, “I’m sorry that this happened, and it’d be different for beating people’s ass, but for touching someone? Come on.”

Captain Insano shows no mercy!

Call me old fashioned, or simply just a product of the attitude era, but I don’t see what the big deal is with a little eye rake.  In my opinion, he actually restrained himself.  That security guard is lucky that Pacman didn’t open up a can of whoop ass.  Looking back on it, I bet Jones wishes he had just beat that guard’s ass.  If he is going to catch all these charges, he might as well get his money worth.  Which is extremely frightening, because the next time Pacman gets in an altercation, it’s most likely going to end in murder.  He is going to think about how the last time he practiced self control, he still got in trouble.  So he might as well go full throttle, and when I say full throttle, I’m talking about homicide, folks.  That blood is on your hands, Cincinnati police department.  #HowToMakeAMurderer

As for the felony harassment with a bodily substance…

I know it’s 2017, but I am going to go out on a limb and assume that this nurse was a woman.  Maybe I’m just ignorant, or haven’t read a book since elementary school, either way, I never knew it was felony to compliment a women on her looks.  Pacman was simply drooling in awe of the her beauty. Learn how to take a fucking compliment, nurse.