It’s official: The Chargers are relocating from San Diego to Los Angeles.  Chargers owner Dean Spanos announced the decision in a letter released by the team while informing his staff about the move Thursday morning. The Chargers had until an NFL-mandated deadline of Tuesday to make a decision on whether to relocate or not.

I could care less about the city of San Diego losing a football team.  In fact, the premise of relocation has always enticed me.  It’s something new.  Something exciting.  I actually play fast and loose with the relocation settings in Madden and allow all 32 teams to relocate.  Not because I necessarily want them to move, but because I believe in capitalism and free markets.

You want to move the Chargers to a larger market?  Fine.  That is an understandable business decision.  You want to copy the LA Dodger’s logo and add a little scribble to it?  Sure.  It sucks, but sure.  Those are decisions that are rightfully made by the owner Dean Spanos.  But when he blatantly disrespects the integrity of the powder blue uniforms?  That is when I put my fucking foot down.

I think I speak for every red blooded American when I say had we known the Chargers relocation would result in the assassination of the powder blues, we would have unified and fought this assault on our liberties together.

We would have started a GoFundMe to save the powder blues, and I am fairly confident we would have been able to raise enough money to fund a new stadium in San Diego.  I don’t say that because I believe in humanity and the American people.  I say that because of my faith in the freshness of the powder blues.  It’s an inspirational cause that everyone would rally around.

I mean just look at them.