The home-field advantage figures to be strong this Saturday when the Atlanta Falcons host the Seattle Seahawks in a divisional-round playoff game. Not only will Falcons fans undoubtedly be wild and crazy as Atlanta seeks its first postseason victory since the 2012 season, but the team’s official DJ, Jay Envy, says he has no plans to scale back on the number of Future songs he plays despite the awkward link between the Atlanta-born rapper and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks will face the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday in what could possibly be the last game played in the Georgia Dome.  In an attempt to get their first playoff win since 2012, the Falcons’ stadium DJ will be playing Future early and often throughout the game in an attempt to troll Russell Wilson.

For those who may not know, Future is an Atlanta rapper who used to date Wilson’s current wife, Ciara.  It is a savage move by the Falcons and I respect the message it sends to the organization.  Win at all costs.  Gain every advantage you can.


While I certainly appreciate the idea, my question is, how does this negatively affect Wilson?

Think about it.  Why would Wilson care if they play Future?  It’s not like Future stole his girl, he took Future’s girl.  I can’t see how that would frustrate Wilson.  If anything, it will only boost his confidence.  This has the potential to completely backfire.  Put yourself in Wilson’s shoes for a second.  If you are listening to Future mumble about fucking up some commas, and then you look into the stands and see Ciara rooting for you, wouldn’t that make you feel like you’re even better than Future?

If the Falcons really want to get into Wilson’s head, there is one song, and one song only that can effectively penetrate his mental toughness.  That song is “Like a Virgin” by Madonna.  While it may not be found on anyone’s pump up playlist, it is a reminder that Russell Wilson is a total loser who voluntarily became a born again virgin.  I mean who does that?  I have a couple friends from college who are born again virgins, but it’s not by choice.  They just haven’t been laid since graduation because they’re ugly and no conscious woman (or man, its 2017) has any interest in talking to them, let alone sleeping with them.

“Like a Virgin” would not only embarrass Wilson, it could also turn him on.  He hears that song playing, maybe he starts thinking about his wedding night.  His mind drifts to those magical thirty seconds with Ciara.  All of a sudden, you got yourself a horny Russell Wilson.  You have a Russell Wilson who’s not thinking about the game, but instead thinking about Ciara’s goodies.