In an effort to jolt his struggling squad, Jeff Hornacek started rookie Ron Baker at shooting guard for Monday’s matinee against the Hawks at the Garden. It was Baker’s first career start.

Suicide, right?  That’s the only way out.  The way I see it, Courtney Lee’s only reasonable options moving forward are either suicide, or murder suicide.  Let’s face the facts.  He was benched, and replaced by a white guy who makes Dylan Roof’s hairdo look good.  On Martin Luther King Day no less!  There is no recovering from the damage this does to Lee’s confidence and image amongst other NBA players.  It pains me to say this, but Courtney Lee may be better off dead.


After being benched for an undrafted rookie, Courtney was understandably emotional.  After all, he did just sign a $50 million contract over the offseason.  But at the end of the day, Lee is a professional and would handle this move made by Hornacek with class, right?

Wrong!  Instead, he took to Instagram to express his frustrations with the benching.

In case you forgot, this is the New York Knicks we’re talking about here.  You know, the franchise that was not only born in dysfunction, but moulded by it.  The organization that makes the Cleveland Browns look competent.  Why would we ever expect anything to be handled professionally?

I do have to give credit to Courtney Lee though.  Not only was this funny, but his target is actually up for debate.  Jay-Z would be proud of the triple entendre.  Was he only talking about Baker, whose hairdo is basically a combination of Harry and Lloyd’s?  Was he referring Lil Kuzi Vert (Mindaugus Kuzminskas) and Baker both starting today?  Or is he talking about Knicks owner James Dolan and Phil Jackson?  Only Courtney knows for sure.   I just wish that Lee used a picture of the real Lloyd Christmas, Jim Carey.

Shortly after he posted the Dumb and Dumber pictures, the posts were deleted and replaced by the one below.  Kind of like how Lee was replaced by Baker.  The Knicks are such a god damn shit show, God help us all.




P.S. – Take a look at Hornacek’s quote on why Ron Baker would be making his first career start today.  I sense a lot of racial undertones.  I mean just read it.  Little things, take charges, extra passes, help defense.  Those are all qualities that are associated with white basketball players.  I’m not gonna throw the R word around just yet all nilly willy, but it is definitely something to pay attention to moving forward.

You’re looking for little things. Who is going to do the little things on this team? Who is going to take charges? Who is going to make the extra pass? Who is going to make sure defensively that this guy gets stopped or that guy gets stopped?  Who is going to help the help position more often than not? All of the guys contribute in different ways, but who is going to be the guy who elevates the other guys? Who is going to be the guy that does the little things you don’t see in the box score?” – Jeff Hornacek on his decision to play Ron Baker.