They’re fucking terrible. They’re currently in 11th place in the pile of burning trash that is the Eastern Conference. After they finish off this L to the LAST PLACE Nets, their record will be 4-8 in the last 12 games played. 

The defense has gotten so bad that they have only held one opponent (the decimated Bulls) to under 100 points during that span. 

Here’s a quick rundown of their most recent losses:

01/15 @TOR (3rd in East) 101-116 (15 pts)

01/16 ATL (4th in East) 107-108 (1 pt)

01/19 WSH (5th in East) 110-113 (3 pts)

01/21 PHX (LAST in West) 105-107 (2 pts)

01/25 @DAL (13th in West) 95-103 (8 pts)

01/29 @ATL (4-OT Game) 139-142 (3 pts)

01/31 @WSH 101-117 (16 pts)

A lot of close games. A lot of close games against teams in the top half of the conference. Let’s get real here for a second though. The Eastern Conference is basically the WNBA right now with less fundamentals. Throw in the losses to the Suns who are dead last in the West, and have only won 15 games this year, and the other loss to the 13th place Mavericks and we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back for “competing” just yet. 

The Melo Trade Rumors 

I’ll be honest I have zero clue what this is about. I understand clearing cap space to try and build around Porzingus but we’re talking about Melo the God here. We’re gonna ship him to the Clippers and let them keep Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, AND Blake Griffin?  So… we’re gonna cut Melo the God loose for some expiring contracts, a bag of balls,and some draft picks? Me no likey. Me no likey one bit. 

Melo came here during some dark days. And then he chose to stay when said dark days got even darker.  In my book that counts for something. Band of Brothers, rent it sometime Phil. Plus he’s Melo the God. Ride or die motherfuckers.  

Knicks are hot garbage. But hey so is the entire Eastern Conference excluding the Cavs despite how many times Bron Bron whines about their roster. A lot of games left and there is definitely still some time to turn this season into some kind of dumbed-down-managed-expectations success. 

Go New York! Go New York! Go!


UPDATE: the Knicks pulled out a gut check win in Brooklyn. We back baby!