Just when you thought the Knicks’ stock couldn’t get any lower, Kristaps left Thursday’s game against the Cavs with an apparent ankle injury.  At first, it was reported as a sprained ankle. Now, team officials fear “ligaments” may have been “damaged”.

My immediate reaction to the news came in three boogie board-able sized waves of emotions.  Distress, hysteria, and suspicion.

With fake news stealing all the headlines lately, fake injuries have been given a free ride. They have been able to hide on the backstreets unnoticed and even worse, go unquestioned.

I’m not going to rush to make any hasty accusations.  Instead, I’d like to present a drug fueled theory I hypothesized last night. One that may ring so true, it’ll be worth keeping in mind as further news of  KP’s injury develop.  Just gonna throw it out there.  If you like it, reel it in. If not, send it right back.

*hits blunt while X-Files theme song buffers on YouTube*

What if KP ‘s injury was a calculated move by the front office to intentionally shut him down for the rest of the season?

It would save his young body from useless miles with a team full of selfish assholes.   Kristaps is surrounded by a white dog shit core that won’t be a part of the future. These bad hombres could inflict damaging habits on KP.  So why not remove him from this unbenefitial situation and the potential risk of a real injury?


If he didn’t play another game this year, I don’t even think it would hinder his progression. In fact, it may be the best thing for it. Between Melo’s shot quota, and Rose playing for stats in his contract year, KP has become the tertiary offensive option.

In a nonexistent display of frustration after tonight’s loss, KP did not post the image below to Instagram, so he did not have to later delete it.

As the late Migos once said,

“Mama. Told. Me

Not. To be. Third. 

15. Shots. A. Game. 

Same. Color. T. Shirt.

~ “T Shirt”

I know he’s young, but save his legs. Be proactive. Be precautious. Be all that you can be….next year. In the words of Jon Taffer, shut it down.  Especially when there is nothing left to play for this season.