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Spitting over Vanessa Carlton’s famous piano riff from “1000 miles”, Cam’ron reminisces about his most recent failed relationship.  The Harlem native flaunts his effortless flow, as he delivers great lines seamlessly throughout the track. Here are a few of my favorites.

Full Lyrics to 10000 Miles – Cam’ron

“Best girl in the world, I might’ve blew it / Like the small condom, I’ll get through it though”

“Damn iPhones and cameras, nights in Atlanta / Tried to bring you gifts, she said you ain’t Santa/ She ain’t got ears, they replaced with antennas.”

“Gripped up, my life had to monetize / Made mistakes, I apologize.”

“Day-to-day life dealin’ with reality / Lawyer got me off on a technicality.”

“Murder was the case, Calvin Broadus / Blue magic though, hokus pokus / They forgot that my dope’s the dopest.”

“I got all the keys, so I’m locked in / Felt above the law, Johnnie Cochran / And I’m off the rebound, Rodman.” 

If you thought this song was fire, watch the music video.  Before the song even starts, you get a hilarious back and forth between Cam’ron and his ex-girlfriend.  When asked why he has naked pictures of another girl on his phone, Cam’ron tries to explain that the female is simply a nudist.  Such an absurd excuse, it just may work.  (It doesn’t)